$5 USD
Samplers of Cut-out Paper Eyes. Coated printed paper mini doll eyes for polymer clay figurines, wooden dolls, ceramic dolls, any dolls, miniature animals and cats! Choose the samplers you want. Sizes are EYEBALL DIAMETER, not iris diameter. EYEBALLS ARE FLAT. They may be embossed to achieve curvature.

• 3.5" x 8.5" moisture proof coated paper sheet with 18 pairs of printed doll eyes for polymer clay figures and other miniature figures.

• 2mm eyes, 3mm eyes, 4mm eyes,5mm eyes, 6mm eyes, and 7mm eyes.
• Human eyes in blue, grey, hazel, brown, lavender, and green.
• Jewel human eyes in emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, ruby, and garnet.
• General Animal eyes in orange, yellow, green, blue, and 2 brown choices.
• Cat eyes in orange, gold, yellow, hazel, green, and blue.

• These eyes can be baked in polymer clay.
• Paper can be embossed to give the eyes a curved surface (embossing tools are available).

• Eyes are printed on a professional printer at a high resolution with pigment inks on a high quality moisture proof paper and have a clear protective gloss top coat over the ink. They are very durable.

My paper eyes compared to glass eyes (which I used to make):

My paper eyes are better:
• My miniature eyes are perfectly matched in all respects--the two eyes in each pair are identical. Most miniature glass eyes are only nominally matched, and the two eyes in a pair may vary from each other substantially.
• My eyes are realistically proportioned and you can choose how much "white" (sclera) to leave visible when the eyes are placed in a head. Many mini glass eyes have too little "white" (sclera) visible when placed in a head and because they are spheres one cannot adjust the amount that shows.
• My eyes cost only pennies per pair. Glass eyes typically cost $5 - $9 per pair.

Glass eyes are better:
• My eyes can be torn if handled roughly, they can become scratched, and the color will fade if left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Miniature glass eyes are nearly indestructible and may last forever.
• My eyes can be slightly curved using embossing tools. Many glass eyes are spherical just like real eyes.


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